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Services are provided by Viet Hung Co.,LTD

TUEsday - 04/11/2014 09:55
Services are provided by Viet Hung Co.,LTD
Services are provided by Viet Hung Co.,LTD

Services are provided by Viet Hung Co.,LTD

- Investment Consultant (not including legal advisory services, financial)
- Consult estimation, cost estimation, total investment of construction works
- Consultancy for investment projects, project management and construction works
- Design construction planning, architectural design works
- Design works for traffic, road
- Design of civil structure and industrial (factory and dormitory design)
- Supervise construction of bridges and roads
- Civil engineering, industrial, transportation, irrigation, hydropower, industrial, high tech zones, urban areas, residential areas, export processing zones
- Construction of infrastructure of industrial zones
- Interior and exterior Decoration
- Leveling
- Geotechnical works
- Design topographical surveys for road works
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