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Introduction about Viet Hung Co.,LTD

Viet Hung Construction and Processing Building Foundation Company Limited founded in 26 May 2008 with multi-sector which specializes in foundation treatment and construction of industrial and civil projects, with staff and skilled workers professional experience in the management, construction and foundation treatment works. 
With compact structure flexibility in production management, dynamic staff of experienced, machinery modern new media. Are elements that make up the capacity of the company can afford to take on participating in industrial projects, major civil. 
Currently the company is working on foundation treatment of industrial and civil projects, industrial zones of the province and the city of Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Hung Yen province and the neighboring ... 
Processing capabilities provide the foundation piles of piles, piles press square, round pile capacity pile reaches hundreds of meters a day, ensuring the quality, quantity, time progress of the client. 
With the motto: QUALITY IS IN EXTREMELY company we are committed to: Providing our products to ensure the best quality, maintain and develop quality management systems in the construction process. 
In order to create brand to customers in their activities only company we always listen to feedback from customers. Withdrawal of experience in all stages of production in order to better serve growing. 
Capacity and its youth are sure we will meet all the requirements of the partners in the industrial sectors have registered activity. 


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